OnePlus 11 Waterproof Armband

OnePlus 11 Waterproof Armband
OnePlus 11 Waterproof Armband
Item# B1308XCNSC
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Sale price: £11.99

Item Description:

* This Waterproof Phone Case protects your OnePlus 11 from Water and sand.
* It is good idea to put your OnePlus 11 in this case when you go to waterpark, swim or beach.
* Waterproof Slide Seal System ensures your OnePlus 11 is fully protected inside the waterproof mobile phone case.
* The transparent front is another great idea, the touch screen of you OnePlus 11 still works after you put it into the case.
* This case came with lanyard and armband, you can select a better to way to bring your OnePlus 11.
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