Canon EOS 80D DSLR Camera Raincoat Jacket Shield

Canon EOS 80D DSLR Camera Raincoat Jacket Shield
Canon EOS 80D DSLR Camera Raincoat Jacket Shield
Item# B1004XVDNB
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Item Description:

* Safely carry and operate your Canon EOS 80D with this DSLR Camera Raincoat Jacket Shield.
* Constructed with durable material and seam-sealed, your Canon EOS 80D is extremely well protected from downpour or dusty conditions.
* Allows easy access to Canon EOS 80D. The rear part opens for simple use of camera controls, while the bottom features a hook-and-loop closure that allows for the use of manual focus and tripods.
* Ease of transport, fold up into a compact pouch.
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